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To realize the unification of physics is a century-old dream of scientists, which has attracted numerous outstanding figures to strive for it.
The article will reveal this century-old secret by opening the door to unify the theories of relativity & quantum mechanics; the key to open the door is an astronomical phenomenon ---- aberration that has been discovered for nearly 300 years and ignored for so long. For details, please read the article. If you have any suggestions or comments, please write to my blog or twitter.

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解析时空理论普通版 (中文)

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The article reviews and introduces an approach or way of exploration for the unification of the most important theories in physics and finding a common framework to reconcile them. Step by step, the exploration encompasses two postulates that it puts forward as the principles which underlie as well as underpin both relativity and quantum mechanics: (I) deflection occurs between any two coordinates with motion relative to one another; (II) the space-time area (product of length and time) is invariant under deflection. Based on these postulates, the paper interprets the conception of Einstein’s theory for length contraction and time dilation in a simple manner; it presents a cause for stochastic phenomena in the quantum world and derives Schrödinger’s equation from a complex function in which the deflection of space reduces to an amplitude probability distribution. In the last part, a new precession formula for the planets is presented and the results calculated using the new equation are detailed in a table.

These postulates, as principle (I) and (II), can explain both relativity and quantum mechanics mathematically and conceptually without contradiction or paradox, and are already verified by light aberration, an astronomical phenomenon discovered for almost 300 years, and length contraction and time dilation in experiments without any falsification.

For the unification of the fundamental forces, a program of conversations among three experts has been launched on this website on the following tentative topics:

1. Space frames, symmetry and correlation

2. Space of deflection & space of rotation

3. Concurrence & causality

4. Demystification of strange quantum phenomena

5. Hidden variable

6. Inertial and non-inertial frames

7. Gravitation and interactions

8. Relationship of concepts and logic chain

9. Simplicity & paradigm

10. Underlying logics of physics & philosophy

11. Verification of fundamental principles

12. Boundary between metaphysics and physics

Dr. Cui Silong’s discovery of the phenomenon of space-time deflection is one of the greatest physical discoveries of recent decades. It all started with the discovery of the angular variable hidden behind the Lorentz factor. Both the real and imaginary parts of the complex function in the article originate from the postulates as principles (I) and (II). It may be incomplete to derive the Schrödinger equation without discussing the role of the imaginary part in quantum theory. For many decades, we have wondered what lies behind the Schrödinger equation. By taking into account the imaginary part of the complex function, we can make new discoveries and interpretations of phenomena such as consciousness & existence, life, dark matter & energy, elementary particles, subjective & objective, and the origin & evolution of the universe. The advancement of physics is a collective effort of the entire scientific community.

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  1. 时空框架、对称与关联

  2. 偏转时空与旋转时空

  3. 相伴同时性与因果律

  4. 揭秘奇异的量子现象

  5. 隐变量

  6. 惯性与非惯性时空框架

  7. 万有引力与相互作用

  8. 底层概念关系图与逻辑链

  9. 简单性与科学范式

  10. 物理学与哲学的底层逻辑

  11. 基本原理的验证

  12. 形而上与形而下的边界




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