Conversation 6


Yujun: I think that the interaction must be between uncorrelated space frames, i.e. it is the space asymmetry that causes the interaction, and it leads to the equilibrium or symmetry of the frames. In the quantum realm, the symmetric state of the frames is known as correlation. The angle of rotation is uncertain when the balance remains in all directions, which is called a superposition state. In other words, the superposition state is caused by the uncertainty of the rotation angle. The superposition state becomes deterministic when equilibrium is broken in a direction. Its determinate state is revealed in the space of deflection, which we call "collapse".


Chuanjiang: As a reminder, when we speak of interactions between frames, we mean interactions between the framed substances, not interactions between the frames themselves, which are not substances.


Jinkai: Collapse means that the angle of rotation stays in the first quadrant where we can make a measurement. You're talking about quantum entanglement, which is caused by the correlation of symmetric frames between particles. Physicists cannot figure out what governs the behavior of quantum entanglement, as if information travels faster than the speed of light between correlated particles. If you know the definition of the word "concurrent" in our conversation, you can solve it no matter how far apart the correlated frames are.


Yujun: Can you depict the phenomenon of entanglement figuratively, Jinkai?


Jinkai: Let me see. Take a couple, a man and a woman, like two correlated particles. As a third party, I can force the husband to divorce, for example, but I don't even know if he has a wife or where his wife is before I meet him. However, every single person is allowed to remarry as a couple. Of course, we have the power to force two people to marry as a couple.


If noticed or interfered with by a third party, the affected one of the couple will be divorced immediately. If one of them is divorced without notice, and the other spouse is concurrently unmarried, no matter how far apart they are.


Yujun: Are you saying that a third party does not know whether this man is married or not before he interferes with this person?


Jinkai: I mean that the third party does not know whether the person is male or female before he interferes with the person.


Chuanjiang: No, you should say that the person, before you met, was both male and female, to be precise.


Jinkai: The space of deflection becomes the space of rotation through radiation, while the space of rotation becomes the space of deflection through collapse or condensation. That is, condensed matter emits radiation and the end of the radiation is collapse or condensation. Condensation occurs in the space of deflection, while radiation occurs in the space of rotation, I don't know if such a rough description works.


Yujun: Nothing is born perfect. Of course, the rough description of the new theory can be varied and reasoning is encouraged. The new exploration and interpretation cannot have forbidden zones and mistakes are tolerated. What are you afraid of? Besides, our words will not end up in textbooks.


Chuanjiang: Well, let's go back. The weird properties of the quantum, such as spin, wave-particle duality, entanglement, non-locality, superposition, uncertainty, etc., are all caused by the rotation of space, as we concluded in our conversation.


Yujun: Yes, Chuanjiang. I'd like to talk about wave-particle duality. Space rotation means that the quantum is in a wave state, with a periodic rotation of 360 degrees, while space deflection means the particle state of the quantum, which is the collapse state, with the deflection angle remaining in the first quadrant.


Jinkai: The underlying logic is that if one of the weird quantum phenomena mentioned above is resolved, the others will be easily solved.


Chuanjiang: For a long time, the physics community believed that there was "a hidden variable" behind some unexplained, peculiar and paradoxical phenomena. If anything, the change in the angle of space deflection and rotation is an implicit variable of the universe and quantum behaviors, which I call the key in God's hand. Turn it to open the portal to the universe.


Yujun: I agree with Chuanjiang's argument about the hidden variable. Actually, we have already found this key in God's hand in Silong's paper. I also think that the cosmos works in a combination of real and imaginary parts of complex functions, and we have ignored the imaginary part for a long time, so the interpretations have naturally been incomplete. For example, what is behind a black hole?


Jinkai: I think that the deflection and rotation of space are both objective and subjective. In the absence of observation or measurement, we subjectively think they exist and can imagine how they exist, but whether they really exist cannot be confirmed and does not matter to us. It makes no difference whether they exist in the universe or in the imagination of our brain.


Chuanjiang: Imagination is subjective in our mind. Anything beyond our physical experience can be condensed into our consciousness, called imagination. Imaginary number is a mathematical term. In our conversation, its meaning is much broader than literal.


Yujun: The deflection or rotation of space forms consciousness and behaves against the laws of physics in our brains. For example, you can imagine flying to the moon on a date with a beautiful fairy in a palace accompanied by a rabbit. Consciousness does not have or need an interface for interactions and consciousness does not follow the laws of physics.


Jinkai: Consciousness has always been outside the study of physics. Now we all seem to be philosophers.


Chuanjiang: When we talk about the fundamental problems of physics from a completely new perspective, there is no escape from philosophy. The basic principles of physics we are discussing are both the starting point of scientific views and methods, and the underlying logical chain of philosophy or metaphysics, such as epistemology, phenomenology, etc.


Yujun: We are all far from being philosophers and have studied little philosophy. It may be more comprehensive and profound to discuss our issues from the perspective of philosophers, and I would like to hear the advice and guidance of philosophers.


Jinkai: The subject of observation is to be alive, with a mind and a consciousness. Will they need to be redefined in the future? Will we have to incorporate existence and consciousness in the scope of scientific research?


Chuanjiang: And the physical definition of subjective and objective as well.

The imaginary part of the complex function is the implicit part of the derivation of the Schrödinger equation, from which we can deduce that consciousness is hidden in quantum phenomena.

Chinese scientists published a paper on January 24, 2022, experimentally ruling out the real-valued standard formalism of quantum theory ( This achievement further proved the statement that the imaginary part of the complex function was part of the source of quantum theory made by Dr. Cui Silong when he derived the Schrödinger equation using analytical space-time theory more than 20 years ago.


Yujun: I've been thinking about a question, why do the fundamentals of physics have to be simple? Is it a subjective requirement of human reasoning or an inevitability of objective laws?


Jinkai: I have heard of Occam's razor. If something can be understood in a simple way, there is no need for complicated explanations.

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